Missing In Action

I’m a bad blogger. How bad? BAD. I even had a gallery show, and didn’t post anything about it. I figured everyone already knew or something.


Not only that, but it was, of the art shows I’ve done, the one that I was most happy with. I convinced the owner of the gallery that I’ve shown with for years to let me paint the walls a color other than white, and I edited the hell out of my work. I always edit, but sometimes I get that nagging “you won’t have another show for a long time!” feeling, and wind up including work that, although decent, doesn’t support the overall thesis of the show.

Not this one. I showed only landscapes, and only 15 of them.

Of course, me being me, I didn’t do such a great job documenting the installation. Here’s one of a few pictures I took with my phone. You get the idea.


Speaking of poor and non-existent documentation, I don’t have good photos of all of the paintings that were in this show. I think I’d already posted several of them on here, but here’s one that I think I’d neglected.


None of these night time paintings fall under the category of “photo-friendly”, but you get the idea. Worse yet, I can’t tell you to go see it in person, because it’s gone.

Like I said. I am a bad, bad blogger. Forgive me.

In more recent news, I continue to make faces at myself in the mirror. Here’s what some recent ones have looked like:

say ah the letter Fyellow face hm

I’ve been experimenting with water-based media on colored paper, starting with sumi brush ink washes and including … ACRYLICS. I do not like them very much, so I usually finish up with some oil paint on top.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more.

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