Drawing in Class

Drawing in class definitely contributed to me finding myself on the “five year plan” in high school. Well, I showed ’em! I made drawing in class my job.

Whenever I share drawings and paintings that I did in classes I was teaching, I always feel like I should point out that I do a fair amount of teaching in class. I’ve heard plenty of stories about teachers underteaching, especially beginning drawing classes, and I am definitely NOT one of those. My students paid for instruction, and they get it.

However, there are always times when a class knows what they need to do, and I need to hang back and let them work it out. When that happens, I draw or paint along with them. I either do the same exercise that I’m asking them to do, or work on what they will be doing next to troubleshoot my own lesson.

OR, if it is a more advanced class that is painting a figure model, sometimes I try to be sneaky and draw and paint them.

painting class

This is small (11×14″), and on paper. I started out with a messy sumi brush/ink wash, did some drawing with a pencil, and then went at it with some acrylic paint. That might surprise anyone that knows me, since I hate acrylic paint. Golden Paints sent me some, so I decided to give them another shot. They are OK, as long as I’m willing to recognize that they are not oil paints, and don’t try to use them as if they are. Anyway, after the acrylics, I worked some parts of the study with oil paints. It’s only a 2 1/2 hour class, so I’m sure I could have gotten some other materials in there if I’d had a little more time.

Here are some other things I’ve done in class using various combinations of materials. The third and fourth image, the man seated on the stool slightly turned to his right, are the same drawing. The first one is what it looked like after a couple of minutes, an ink wash with sumi brush.

CAM01114 CAM01198 CAM01295 CAM01296 CAM01297 CAM01298

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