Dark Enough For Ya?

This was one of more challenging paintings I did this summer. The only light source in the painting is the full Imagemoon, which was so dim that I had to turn off my headlamp and wait for my eyes to adjust to see it. Not only that, but I had to wait a month after doing the initial studies to go back and paint it.


More Recent Work


Oh yeah. I have a blog.

I’ve spent some time away from my blog, but not painting. It’s a little embarrassing that my friend John Glover has more recent examples of my work on his blog than I do here, so here’s some recent work. Stay tuned, more to come soon. Image

I worked mostly on some larger (for me, most of them in the 4′ range) night time landscapes this summer. I only did a handful of them, but working on site with this scale is a little bit on the slow, labor-intensive side.


Here’s an out of focus hand-held photo of one of the paintings that earned my current exhibit a parental warning. At Eric Schindler Gallery through June14

Warehouse in Fulton Bottom

Warehouse in Fulton Bottom